Please read this before asking for a trade.

  1. Nothing is for sale, for trade only.
  2. I use high grade media only, like Fuji or Verbatim. Please do the same.
  3. Please never write on the CDīs or the DVDīs.
    Label the sleeve instead.
  4. All media will be posted in paper sleeves. I donīt post in jewel cases.
  5. In the case of something is wrong with the shows I sent to you please notify and tell me about the problem. I am sure we can work out a solution soon.
  6. I am not interested in MP3 sourced material.
  7. Please include allways a quicknote with your shipping adress and a list of the shows you want.
  8. When we never traded before, you send first.


If you donīt have anything to trade there are other options to set up a trade.

If you have any further questions feel free to mail email.